Privacy and Cookie Policy

Personal data handling

First Name and Email Address

If you wish to receive my newsletter, I ask for your first name and your email address. This information is handled only by myself for the sole purpose of sending you relevant content and your personal data is never going to be sold to 3rd parties.

MailerLite is used for managing my mailing lists and it’s setup to use double opt-in in order to ensure that folks entered an email address which belongs to them. You can read more on MailLite‘s privacy policy here.

GEO Location

Clicky is one of the tools used to measure traffic and it does persist your IP address and it’s used to capture your GEO location. With the current setup Clicky retains 30 days of data, after that you’ll be forgotten, but be aware that I cannot have your IP address deleted on demand for two reasons. (1) Clicky doesn’t provide a way to do that, (2) there’s no reliable way to verify if a visit from an IP address really belongs the person requesting data removal.


This site also uses cookies, you can find below how and for what purpose.

  • Cookie Notice is a WordPress plugin which I use for displaying the cookie bar. When you click the OK button, this plugin sets the cookies which hide the cookie bar.
  • Google Analytics and Clicky are used to track how users interact with my website. If you want to know what cookies are set by Google Analytics and Clicky, you can read the following two articles: Google Analytics Cookie Usage on Websites and Clicky’s Privacy Policy.
  • Disqus is used as a drop-in replacement of WordPress’ built-in comment system. It uses cookies to remember you across websites. You can read more how Disqus uses cookies here.
  • Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and YouTube may set cookies when you follow me through the buttons below. Please consult with their respective cookie policies to learn more.