Are you frustrated with coding challenges?

Chances are that you’re not the first person who is frustrated by those interviewing processes used to screen Software Engineers nowadays. My experience is that being able to demonstrate open source contributions and/or a publicly available portfolio on GitHub helped me skip coding challenges and allowed me to have a more meaningful conversation about the job I applied for.

With this survey I’d like to gather the experience of the software engineer community and find out how helpful building a publicly available portfolio really is?

Note: I’m committed to this Privacy Policy and no personal data of yours will not be collected when you submit this survey, unless you give me your email address for being able to send you the results.

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Laszlo Csontos

I've been coding since the age of 9. I knew from childhood that all I wanted to do was code. Now I've been coding for 25 years, with Java for 18 years and professionally for 13 years. During past projects I worked in various roles as a consultant, developer, mentor, team leader and architect. My focus areas have been database- oriented back-end applications, performance tuning techniques and distributed systems. In the last 3 years, I specialized in building microservices with the Spring Ecosystem and also contributed to some of its sub-projects. The newest venture of mine is the creation of, which aims at helping young software engineers learn Spring.

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